Contract Operations
Water Services
Our water Services Division
includes; contract
operations, 24/7 emergency
water system repairs for our
contracted customers, water
system installation, including
trenchless capabilities
Contract  Operator for Rural and
Municipal water systems
5 licensed MoDNR water operators  
currently serving:
4 rural and 1 municipal water
Over 3800 connections
6 elevated water towers
Over 300 miles of pipeline
5 pumping stations
Ground source
water treatment
Water System Repairs
Contracted excavating service
for water systems offers:
Emergency leak repair
Water meter installs
Main extensions
Other services offered

Offers minimal
disruption and
Water Main Valve
Insertion and Hot taps

Main line valve insertion -
4" , 6" and 8" - with
uninterrupted service. Hot
taps from 3/4" up to 8 ".
Both can be preformed
on any material.
Directional Boring
directional boring
offers a trenchless
solution to sensitive
areas, that can not
be disturbed.
Capabilities up to 24" in
diameter, and  smaller
diameters up to 900 feet long.
Water Line Pigging
Used to remove containments
and deposits in  water lines,
from 2 inches up.
HDPE Pipe Fusion

Certified to fuse HDPE pipe
and fittings.

Our machine is capable of
sizes 2" to 8", other sizes are
available with special